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Hello Humans!

My name is Michelle and I’m on a mission to dispell two of the biggest travel myths.

Myth #1 – Traveling is expensive

Myth #2 – Traveling is dangerous

As a college drop out with no special skill set, leaving home with $200 and a loose plan was a risky move. So far, I’ve been traveling since January 2017 and there is no current end in sight. I’m not here to tell you how to travel on a budget – there’s hundreds of blogs out there for that. I’m here to show you how I’m managing to travel continuously with virtually no money in my bank account, and little to no idea of what I’m doing. The way I go about it isn’t for everyone – there are certain approaches I take that will be too uncertain for some people.

sleeping in the airport

Sleeping in the East Midlands airport – do I look cozy?

I’m stingy.
I’d rather walk 10 kilometers than spend a few bucks on a bus.
I sleep wherever I can get away with.
I often pass on drinking to save money.
I can usually only afford to do free activities.
I put off eating for as long as I safely can.

And yet – I’ve only slept in public twice because of extended human kindness.
I stay in shape by walking so much.
There isn’t a single night that I don’t remember.
Some of the most incredible sights haven’t cost a penny.
I’ve never gone hungry.

group of cavers

Free caving expedition I found through Couchsurfing events

Even though I’m willing to push my limits, I don’t usually have to for the sole fact that my fellow brothers and sisters around the world have reached out and taken care of me. Relying on others has opened my mind vastly to the goodness in mankind.

This blog is for those who have such an ache to travel, that they’re willing to do virtually whatever it takes to keep going.
This is for those who would rather be uncomfortable abroad than comfortable at home.
This is for those who don’t believe in planning and letting life take the reins.


This is what can happen when you’re poor and in danger.


group photo at the grand canyon

Traveling with loose plans means you can join road trips with strangers!